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Black Coffee’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ | Remembering a Love of a Lifetime

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Flooded with Youtube user comments that are a clear indication that the video evokes sentiments of an unshaken love- true love. This love story is getting people to think of their lovers or search for their “true love”. ‘Wish you were here’ by Internationally acclaimed South Africa producer/ DJ, Black Coffee featuring singer-songwriter Msaki is a beautiful and arresting song driving one to reminisce of a time love survived through memory and heartbeat.



Black Coffee’s ode to true love

Black Coffee is known for his outstanding house sound. With the status of his merit, and the gentle vocals of Msaki, the music video consolidates the beauty of the story captured in the song.

Directed by South African filmmaker Adriaan Louw, the video follows lovers who live apart. Memories and a printed photograph as key players of a story filled with stunning imagery reminiscent of a story once told to me by my uncle.

Only a month after meeting his wife, he was forced to leave their village to find work in urban, populated Johannesburg. All he had was a picture of his then girlfriend (now wife) posted on his bedroom wall that he sometimes plugged out- spent hours gazing at and caressing. According to my uncle, this is what kept and protected their love.



“Unlike you guys, we never had video calls or even cellphones, but love had to survive and it did,” he said this with sparkles in his eyes.

This is my uncle’s story and many other black men and women, whom during apartheid in South Africa left their homelands to work in the city. As seen on Black Coffee’s video, they head to where the opportunities are, however, due to what they’ve left behind- the people they’ve left, the city was a cold, lonely and rejecting place to be in.



Although ‘Wish You Were Here’ captures a love story of a past time, it is also relatable to digital age lovers who have an advantage of video calls and instant messaging, this is everyone’s story. Check it out below and get the feels.



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